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At the end of the month I move into ‘thesis pending’, the PhD writing up phase.  As things continue here apace I’m streamlining my bookshelves.  If any of the titles listed below are of interest get in touch via ttxsem at  Links are included directing to extra information, reviews and publishers.

  • SOLD The Knowing Organization: How organizations use information to contruct meaning, create knowledge and make decisions.
    By Chun Wei Choo (paperback, 1998) £8.00 (RRP. £27.50)
  • SOLD Heidegger and French Philosophy
    By Tom Rockmore (paperback, 1995) £17.00 (RRP. £21.00)
  • Human-Computer Interaction: Research Directions in Cognitive Science: European Perspectives Vol. 3
    Eds: Jens Rasmussen, Henning B. Andersen and Niels Ole Bernsen (Hardback, 1991) £15.00 (RRP: £34.95)
  • Philosophy and Computing: An introduction
    By Luciano Floridi (paperback, 1999) £12.00 (RRP £21.99)
  • SOLD The Semiotic Engineering of Human-Computer Interaction (Acting with Technology).
    By CS De Souza (Hardback, 2005) £15.00 (RRP £28.45)
  • Control and Freedom: Power and paranoia in the age of fiber optics.
    By Wendy Hui Kyong Chun (Hardback, 2006) £8.00 (RRP, hardback £27.50, paperback £12.95)
  • SOLD Liquid Times: Living in an Age of Uncertainty.
    By Zygmunt Bauman (Paperback, 2007) £6.00 (RRP £9.99)
  • SOLD Technology as Magic: the triumph of the irrational
    By Richard Stivers (Hardback, 2001) £5.00 (RRP: hardback £45.00, paperback £14.99)
  • SOLD Telecommunications and the City: Electronic spaces, urban places.
    By Stephen Graham and Simon Marvin (Hardback 1995) £6.00 (RRP: hardback £90.00! paperback £30.00)
  • Social Citizenship in the Shadow of Competition: The Bureaucratic Politics of Regulatory Justification.
    By Bronen Morgan (hardback, 2003) £15.00 (RRP: £70.00)
  • SOLD Wired Shut: Copyright and the shape of digital culture.
    By Tarlton Gillespie (hardback, 2007) £9.00 (RRP: £21.80)
  • SOLD Cognitive Poetics: An introduction
    by Peter Stockwell (paperback, 2002) £10.00 (RRP £21.00)

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