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Universitas 21 Scholarship


Melbourne University Quad

Students move through the dim stone archways of Melbourne University's Quad

As part of my ongoing debrief regarding the Universitas 21 Scholarship I undertook earlier this year I’ve been invited to talk at the first PGR Student Seminar this term, on Monday 1st December, from 12.30 – 1.30 Room B33, Dearing Building in the School of Education on Jubilee Campus. Refreshments will be available. These tend to be informal events focused on student perspectives. The blurb being circulated runs like this:

The speaker will be Sarah Lewthwaite who will be talking about Universitas 21. Sarah will talk about her experiences as a Universitas 21 visiting scholar at the Centre for the Study of Higher Education at the University of Melbourne, Australia. She will also discuss the application process for the U21 travel prize, and the practical aspects of making such a trip. If you are interested in applying for travel bursaries during the course of your studies, or finding out more about working internationally at other universities, this will be a ‘backstage’ look at how to get going!

I’ll be bringing along my application, as well as photos from the trip  – so if you think you’re interested in applying for this kind of scholarship in the future, do come along.

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