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Post Graduate Conference



Today was the first Post Graduate Conference in the School of Education for 5 years. "Weaving the Strands of Education Research" focusing on the intersects between policy, research and practice, saw 95 delegates converge on the Dearing Building, including UoN staff and students, and students from several other universities. The keynote address was delivered by Prof. Jerry Wellington of Sheffield University. I was pleased to be involved in organising the conference, in a role relating to access and technical support. From this vantage point I know how well the student organising committee have worked together and individually, striving for a great conference, chaired by Cheryl Rounsville. But even I have been surprised by how things have finally turned out.  The quality of the papers and the generally supportive and positive atmosphere have come solely from the student group. As Education is a post graduate department at Nottingham, shared lectures across the department do not happen. Research training and seminars from different research centres do occur, but only allow small groups of students to meet at any one time, this can mean that getting a sense of the department and peers research is difficult. In effect, I feel, as a delegate, that this has been an invaluable event, for networking but also for morale. Hopefully this conference can be taken forward in 2009. Photos and video from the event will be linked from here.

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