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LSRI Opening


LSRI Labyrinth

The LSRI Labyrinth

Friday the 7th of November was the happy occasion of the official opening of my research centre, the Learning Sciences Research Institute here at Nottingham. This was a great day including everything from project demonstrations, audio installations, video conferenced exchanges with the University of Nottingham’s Ning Bo campus, to cabinets of curiosities and the installation of Dr Matt McFall’s labyrinth (pictured above) laid out in the Exchange Building’s atrium.  The labyrinth is a path outlined in black in an organic shape close to a leaf or heart. The Institute was opened by Professor Roy Pea, co-director of H-Star (Human-Sciences and Technologies Advanced Research Institute) at Stamford University.  Professor Pea also gave a thought provoking keynote entitled ‘Fostering learning in the networked world’.  For those wishing to experience the event once more – photos are now available here.  I’ll add links to Prof. Pea’s presentation when it goes live, I’m certainly looking forward to a repeat viewing.

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  1. 20/11/2008 4:17 pm

    Glad to hear you have a permanent base, but I thought the LSRI was already open. I was at a workshop there on Designing and Learning Spaces last September. Have you got your own space inside the building?

  2. 24/11/2008 9:34 am

    Hi Joe
    Yes, it’s a curious thing! The LSRI has been in existance for 3 years – but only opened on the 7th! I’m still based in the School of Education – but I’m using the LSRI facilities quite a lot at the moment, particularly the IT support and experiement rooms. Also – I’ll be presenting my research tomorrow (25th) from 4-5pm. This is also being broadcast online if you’re interested.
    Instructions on how to access the session can be found at

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