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Things have been seemingly very quiet here at 32 Days. This belies a flurry of activity behind the scenes. Firstly I’ve been doing a lot of interviews with Freshers here at Nottingham. Secondly there have been several events I’ve been to be involved in and attending – notably the official opening of the Learning Sciences Research Institute, the NTU Interactive Technologies Conference and recent workshop on Evaluation and Learning Spaces. I’ll be retro-blogging these and other events and linking back into October’s apparent void from here. Brace yourself. Other news includes some forthcoming seminars I’ll be giving:

  • Tuesday 25th November, 4pm @ Learning Sciences Research Institute, University of Nottingham.  This will be the first time I present to my peers here at the LSRI.
  • Friday 28th November, 1.30pm @ Human Centred Technology Research Group Seminar, University of Sussex.
    I’ll be very interested to find out more about the HCT group and its work. The HCT research group consists of two sub-groups; IDEAs lab and Interact lab. the IDEAs lab (Interactive Digital Educational Applications) encompasses the fields of artificial intelligence, education, cognitive science, psychology and computer science.  The Interact lab is focused on a user-centred approach to understanding and designing for interactions between people and technologies in everyday contexts.
  • Friday 5th December @ Liverpool John Moores University.
    In association with Liverpool John Moores University’s MA in Communication and Internet Studies ‘Critical Internet Studies’ Seminar Series, the Cultural Disability Studies Resarch Network (CDSRN) have organised this workshop entitled ‘Disability and the Internet: Access, Mediation, Representation’. This promises to be an extremely interesting day for anyone interested in the sociology of the internet and disability studies.
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