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Accessibility 2.0


AbilityNet are holding a day conference on Friday 25th April examining issues relating to web accessibility and Web 2.0. 

According to AbilityNet (and they really do hold the keys on this one), Accessibility 2.0: A Million Flowers Bloom is the first ever conference focussing on web accessibility in a Web 2.0 world. Their invited experts include representatives from Google, the BBC and the RNIB amongst others, and will look at practical solutions to the Web 2.0 accessibility problems, showing cutting edge techniques and offering realistic solutions. The day will be a very practical day. Allegedly, delegates will come away knowing what to do, and what to focus on to ensure access to all users. 

If AbilityNet can deliver on this promise, I’ll be well pleased.  As cited in these pages (and reflected in ongoing discussions Listservs in UK education and disability), the super-evolution of web 2.0 services (issues of perpetual beta, and user-created content in particular) have made accessibility audits difficult or impractical for many institutions and individuals seeking to adopt new social technologies. 

Registration closes on April 23rd, for those wishing to attend.  I imagine the conference will be well connected, hopefully resulting in podcasts, vodcasts, blogging etc for all who can’t make it.  I’ll be attending and will report back here.

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