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Nottingham Research Network (SEN) Report


Earlier this month I presented at the 2nd annual Nottingham Research Network (SEN) "Special Educational Needs, Social and Educational Inclusion, Health and Disabilities".  I’ve had some queries about the conference and it’s focus.  I think one of the key aims of the conference is literally in sustaining the network itself.  This yearly gathering is a great opportunity for those working in the field to meet with researchers and share practice, knowledge and forge collaboration.  Without these connections, academic research is all to often at best undiscovered, at worst, fatuous and irrelevant.  Certainly in the Social Sciences, where the PhD is traditionally a lonely and introverted road, opportunities to benefit from collegiate and professional connections are vital.

The conference also provides a place for disparate researchers and city practitioners to meet those in their own fields.  Nottingham University has disability researchers scattered throughout various disciplines, and for those working in inclusion, health and supporting access to education in the City, opportunities to meet other professionals outside their immediate contacts can be difficult. 

If you are located in the Nottinghamshire area and are interested in joining the network, go to to sign up and access the group’s online portal.

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