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January Sales


I made the mistake of exploring Nottingham’s Blackwells during the sales.  Hard on the wallet!  These were some of the half-price bargains I found.

Exhausting Modernity begins with much literary talk of the devil and the means of production, as such I thought it was worth a punt.  If I can lever some Dante into my thesis I’ll be very pleased, and this could be the way!  The Inclusive society seemed a slight risk as this kind of literature dates quickly, but it employs three key conceptions of inclusion in New Labour ideology that I need to get a strong grip on (especially with the Melbourne visit pending).  Wild Science is tricky.  There seem to be a lot of these kind of collected gender essays – and often it’s difficult to judge the strength of the theme and the resulting relevance of the writing.  This book, however, features ‘Teaching in the Belly of the Beast: Feminism in the best of all places’ by Anne Balsamo.  She’s always worth reading.  Likewise for Processed Lives which features a chapter by the excellent Nina Wakeford.

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