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Serious Virtual Worlds


I’ve just recieved notice of the first European conference dedicated to the professional application of Serious Virtual Worlds.  This will co-incide with the launch of the recently founded Serious Games Institute (SGI) website.  The early bird discount has expired, however, if you’re interested, the conference takes place form 13 – 14 September 2007 @ The Serious Games Institute, Coventry, UK.

The prevailing theme is ‘The Reality of the Virtual World’ taking a close look at how virtual worlds are now being used for ‘serious’, i.e. professional, purposes.

Day 1 – Introducing Virtual Worlds: presentations and conversations introducing virtual worlds and the 3D web from Cisco,  Forterra, Linden Labs, Giunti Labs, Daden, Ambient Performance, TruSim and others, closing with the launch of the Serious Games Institute and Coventry University’s ‘Second Life’ Island.

Day 2  – Serious Virtual Worlds: Action & Potential: live virtual world presentations and conversations from PA Consulting, IBM, Reuters, BP, Trusim, Forterra, and others

For more information go to

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