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I’m please to announce I’ve now embedded ‘Talkr’ into this blog.
This means that now, for every post I make, an audio version is
available.  This is currently hidden down on the footer of each post
(which you can literally see below) so it still needs a little work to
be fully foregrounded and applied across the archive, but hopefully,
with a little work this should improve my blog for those who would
rather listen than read.  The final format is MP3, so if you want to
put me (or a synthetic female robot voiced version of me) on your Ipod,
you have my blessing!  In fact, I may begin to affect an American
accent from this point forward to allay any incongriguity!

Any comments on how this works or not (particularly in conjunction
or comparison with screen readers), or recommendations for
better/different audio are very welcome.   

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  1. Hui permalink
    01/08/2007 8:26 pm

    It sounds great. I am tired of sitting at my computer and keeping reading for a long time, which hurts my eyes and neck seriouly. The speech is not bad, at least it sound like reading a article instead of many words. It is better than those software that reading webpage I had used. How pity is it!It can’t read Chinese character. I think it is really hard work to reading Chinese for differences in pause and tone, this could make the same sentence has different meaning. Anyway, I like it. It release me from hard reading work.

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