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Technology Entertainment Design, TED


I’ve recently recieved this link to the Technology Entertainment Design (TED) website. I’d not stumbled across TED before, at times the footage verges on uncomfortably slick – but the lecture back catalogue, and the video interface (one up on YouTube) invite serious browsing.  I’ve been gen-ing up on One Lap Top Per Child, via Nicholas Negroponte’s posting (August, 2006). It struck me as not so far from the ‘Young Lady’s Primer’ of Neal Stephenson’s post-cyberpunk novella ‘The Diamond Age’.  I’m not sure how I feel about the concept of ‘Google’ becoming many children’s ‘first word in English’ – but I’m please all those days spent cramming sci-fi in my time off from my English Literature degree finally came to something.  Here’s to the first Bachelors degree (not in Physics and Astro-Physics but), English and Astro-English!


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