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Shock Digest 1


I’ve had a request for a bit more on the Shock of the Social conference in March. Here is the first part of my edited highlights…

Keynote: ‘Social Software and Personal Learning Environments: Do they really fit with Formal Education?’ Dr Terry Anderson, Athabasca University.

I had an inkling that the answer to this question would be ‘yes’ and I wasn’t disappointed. Dr Anderson stated that the affordances of ‘educational semantic web’ encourage participative learning. ‘The decline of the compliant learner’ (Goodyear, 2004) along with Paulsen’s conception of networked learner as negotiating and codetermining educational factors such as time and place, learning tools, content, pace, evaluation and delivery of education (Paulsen, 1993) puts the social web at the heart of e-learning and educational discourse. He describes Social Networking technologies as the ‘elephant at the table’. Furthermore, Anderson outlined Content as necessary, but no longer sufficient to online learning. This is where the strength of the PLE for inculcating ownership (custom control), social presence – arguably the cornerstone for cognitive presence so necessary for deep learning online (my words, not his) – and identity is founded. As such, he set the stage for the day’s ‘social web’ proceedings. ANSWER: Yes!

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